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Rico Nasty’s Raging Style, Wild Fanbase, and Empowering Music

Everyday we see new rappers with new sounds that are constantly reminding us that the rap game is changing. One artist in particular knows that she has a different sound from the traditional rap and she calls it “Sugar Trap”. Maria Kelly is her name, but you may know her as the DMV rapper, Rico Nasty.

Labeled as an increasingly popular and rising artist, Rico Nasty is known for creating upbeat, rowdy mosh pit rap music that gets her fans hype no matter what song she is performing. She naturally has created an animated fantasy through creating different form of music, constantly referencing adolescent sitcoms and cartoons like iCarly and Hey Arnold.

Her care-free and wild spirited nature is reflected through her genuinely catchy songs, gaining the likes of Issa Rae for Insecure’s soundtrack and an entire mainstream audience whom happen to be mostly women. When that beat drops, the ones making the mosh pits at her concerts are the raging girl fans and Rico loves every bit of this. Rico Nasty uses her platform to empower women stating that she “makes music for when women want to feel powerful”. She directs the mosh pits and states how much joy it brings her to see her fans happy, screaming her lyrics, and vibing to her music. Rico is also working to help women in other aspects such as health. After a rant on twitter about women having to buy feminine hygiene products, she has a women’s toiletries drive in the works.

Rico Nasty in a Dolls Kill top and Skoot Apparel pants

In addition to her musical genius, Rico Nasty has a style like no other. She takes feminine elements such as ruffles and furs and mixes them with edgy elements like fishnets and chains, giving off the vibe of a punk PowerPuff girl.

Rico Nasty in Kim Shui at the NYFW Kim Shui show. Ponytail done by @laurenchino
Her BET awards look: CHAEnewyork yellow suit.
Rico Nasty in Gucci

“I make music for women who want to feel powerful…”

-Rico Nasty in her interview with Clash Magazine
Rico in a @madebyheat camo jacket
Rico in SavagexFenty and Diesel pants
Rico Nasty in Twiley fur coat, Dolls Kill skirt, and carrying a FentyxPuma teddy bear bag
Rico in FentyxPuma

Rico Nasty is doing more than altering the rap scene as we know it. She is essentially just…doing what she wants. Her music illustrates her animated, free-flowing personality which makes her artistry very genuine. Her original music sound and the feeling it evokes has attracted women all-around who want to feel free-spirited and empowered like she does. She is creating a new culture of women who can be just like the boys raging in the mosh pits. Ultimately, Rico Nasty is making it known that as women: we can do it, too.

Rico Nasty in “Rico Nasty” Hot Topic Tee and Swear London shoes

Credits to @thescottedit for always keeping her makeup popping.

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