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What You Need to Know About the World of Virtual Styling

Walking around outside, tell me what you see. Everyone is usually doing one thing: on their phones. Whether it is scrolling through Instagram, looking for the best restaurant to eat at, or just listening to music, everyone is on their phones. We have truly entered into a digital age where everything can be done from our devices.

Via: @stylesightworldwide, shot by @thestylestalkercom

Fashion is one of those industries that are hip to the changing times as fashion is in constant motion itself. Fashion has become so digitized to the point we can feel like we are at the fashion shows now. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube all have live video features which allows you to view events as they are happening. Who needs a front row ticket? (I still do, nothing beats the actual experience).

Another aspect which I found to be pretty cool is the concept of virtual styling. And let me tell you, this is nothing new especially to the early 2000s Polyvore users (RIP). Polyvore’s shutdown early last year did not stop users from creating virtual clothing collages…they took it to bigger platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The standard, or common, clothing collages seen today typically include a full outfit down to the garment, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to accent it. On social media outlets, the styler can tag the brands where the pieces come from, allowing other users to get those exact looks. It is style inspiration in the palm of your hands, ladies.

Model, Adwoa Aboah. Via: Getty Images

The faces behind these virtual stylist pages are everyday creatives with true talent. Some of them may have started these pages for fun or to jumpstart their careers. Whatever the case may be, virtual styling has shined a light on something far more important. The concept itself has opened the opportunity for personal styling to be extended to the masses. Personal styling is changing and no longer seen as a luxury for just celebrities and other elite individuals. Stylist can work with your budget and style Target and make it look designer these days. Moreover, it is just another of those luxury amenities where the lines are blurring and…that’s okay. Why can’t everyone enjoy being styled?

Like I said, virtual styling places style inspiration in the palm of your hand. I know I cannot be the only one who has those morning where they cannot find a thing to wear. Well, I am going to put you on to 5 of my favorite virtual stylist page.


Which look is your favorite? And be sure to thank me or these amazing stylists later when you have bomb fits in the mornings. Okurrt.

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