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It’s Giving Preppy Cool: 10 Pieces To Give You the Trending Prep Look

School is back in session and back in fashion. Last year, we witnessed the preppy style slowly become a trend again. Now, it is in full swing as we are fresh into autumn and everyone seems to channeling what is being called “preppy cool”. When we think of “preppy”, we think of school uniforms like khakis and pleated skirts along with varsity jackets, polo shirts, sweater vests, loafers, and lots of plaids. The trend has always been connected to prestigious educational institutions and the lifestyles and status symbols they encompass including playing certain sports and belonging to select clubs and other extracurriculars. We can thank big fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren for cultivating the trend and giving it a home in the fashion industry. Now, we see many brands taking in the trend by preserving its roots and keeping it “cool” for contemporary fashion.

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With such a popular trend on the horizon, we handpicked a few pieces that will help you to nail the “preppy cool” look.

1. Oxfords

Lattelier Leather Loafers with Chain, $59

2. Pleated Tennis Skirts

ASOS DESIGN Pleated Mini Skirt in Gingham, $36

3. Polo Shirts

River Island Rugby Stripe Polo, $65

4. Sweater Vests

Rib-knit Sweater Vest, $34.99

5. Cardigans

Sunday Best Lamora Cardigan, $138

6. Varsity Jackets

BDG Faye Satin Varsity Jacket , $119

7. Trench Coats

The Drape Trench, $158

8. Aviator Sunglasses

Spitfire Cut Thirty Three Aviator Sunglasses, $69

9. Blazers

Single Breasted Jacket, $34.99

10. Shoulder Bags

Charlot Tote Bag, $89

Are you feeling this trend?

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