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Jenni Riccetti of Riccetti Clothing Co-Created an Air Max 95 Sneaker That Encourages People to Keep Their Head in the Clouds During Tough Times

You may remember the San Francisco designer Jenni Riccetti as an upcoming designer on Season 15 of Project Runway. Jenni now operates her own thriving brand called Riccetti Clothing which provides women with unconventional streetwear pieces. Jenni Riccetti has now moved into sneaker design as she recently co-created her very own pair of Air Max 95 through Cultivator x Nike By You’s program.

Jenni’s sneaker is dubbed as “On The Clouds”, encouraging people to embrace their creative sides which keep their heads “in the cloud” and at ease from everyday life. Through her sneaker, Jenni tells her own personal story about her battles with dyslexia and society as a whole which only made her stronger as an individual and “more confident in her capabilities”.

The sneaker incorporates blue and summit white which is reminiscent of the sky and clouds on a pretty day. The summit white represent a place of zen, a tranquil space. The blue represents your support system, noting at the importance of checking in on those close to you.

The $180 sneaker is only available for 2 more days on Cultivator x Nike By You platform, so put yourself at peace with a new pair of kicks.

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